Our mission

To produce quality moulded plastic products, to specification; on-time, economically and consistently


Splice Cast

35years of experience and insight into the world of plastic injection moulding.  We offer to put this knowledge at your disposal in the development and manufacture of your plastic components.   


Underpinned by a strong ethic of market-led product development, we strive to remain at the forefront of the innovative plastic device market.  Manufacturing in the UK to ISO:13485 Accredited Quality Control Standard.  Offering you UK-quality at internationally-competitive prices.

Included in the range...  Bulls Eye Range of plastic roofing sealing washers,  Renowned ground cover pegs, including the brands 'Square-Peg', 'GRM-Peg' and 'Anchor Peg', Ultraspec Medical and Eureka Physiocare products.



The team are ready to assist with the development and manufacture of your plastic devices, ensuring you get your product to market; on-time and within budget.

Contact us by email or if you'd prefer to talk, call 01686 625 750


  • Externally accredited Q.C
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Value through efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes, colours and packaging formats
  • Reliability; Over 50million parts produced last year.
  • Ample capacity for new projects



New High-Bay Warehouse.jpg

August 2019

As a result of sustained sales growth, Splice Cast has recently extended our warehouse capacity by over 30% to allow us to hold even higher stock levels and quick turnaround on all orders.



Securely anchor ground reinforcement mesh.     Click Here to view the latest 'Pull-Out Test' video